Featured Cakes & Cupcakes

Superhero Cupcakes

An all time favorite amongst kids, and do not be surprised - 40+ males!

Chocolate Truffle Cake

A timeless classic! Safest bet for those who do not want to experiment!

Designer Wedding Cake

A multiple tiered wedding cake, with exquisitely detailed fondant & butter-cream work!

Rainbow Cake

Our personal favorite! Looks gorgeous & a smash hit amongst everyone!

Stilettos & Bags Cupcakes!

Made this for a client who was starting his new venture selling shoes and bags!

Spiderman Cake

Every kid loves a superhero! and wants to be one! A perfect birthday cake to roll out a rocking party for your kid's birthday!

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Roses Ombre Cake

This beauty is a work of art! Liked by those with elegant taste! Available in any flavor of choice!

Carlsberg Beer Cake

Another superhit at Cakekraft - the beer can shaped cakes! Most enjoyed in the chocolate truffle flavor!

Love Bug Cupcakes!

Enjoy this whipped cream frosting based Love Bug cupcakes in strawberry flavor!